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Professional Background

  • 50+ years of professional experience playing flute, saxophones and clarinet in a broad range of musical genres, styles and ensembles, including 15 years as a church musician, serving as soloist and accompanist to cantors and choirs.

  • An avid learner, Bob has studied privately from a young age with a broad range of academic and performance professionals to advance the “sound” and classical and jazz technique on each of his instruments.

  • Expert in reading, sight transposition and improvisation. These skills allow seamless blending with other instrumentalists and vocalists with little or no rehearsal, and no burden need be placed on music directors to provide instrumental parts

  • Parishioner and music ministry instrumentalist at St Mary Magdalen, Media, PA under Ralph Purri, Music Director.

  • Member of Association of Church Musicians in Philadelphia (ACMP) and thoroughly familiar with Catholic liturgical music and resources (OCP, GIA, etc.).  Experienced with other denominations as well.

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