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Contact Information:

Bob Wuest

     Phone: 703.635.0813


Quotes  Please contact Bob for a competitive quote. He provides the beauty and versatility of multiple woodwinds for the cost of one musician!

Through many years of professional work in the Philadelphia area, he can serve as a point of contact as needed for vocalists and additional instrumentalists (e.g. Guitar, Harp, Trumpet, Strings, Percussion, Organ/Piano).

References:  Available upon request


Thank you for sharing your musical talent with us for my daughter’s wedding ceremony. I have always loved the flute, and its melody makes every song so special.      Mary L

Your soprano saxophone blends so well with the sound of the organ.         JP, Media

Praise Him with the blast of the horn; praise Him with harps and lyres.

Praise Him with the tambourines and dance; praise Him with stringed instruments and the flute.                                                                                 Psalm 150:3-4

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